Gentle lil rant. 'Overload Indicator' Still lit??

Aloha guys,

I realize that this lil issue must be waaaay down on Steiny’s ‘to do’ list.

Probably because the issue does not get in the way of any work-flo or creative issues
so it is not a ‘biggie’ or ‘show stopper’ type thang,


Since C7.0 the lil red overload indicator light (on the main stereo output buss)
remains in an ‘on’ state way longer than it should.

It would be nice if:
after a certain amount of time (and with no output levels banging against it)
the indicator would ‘clear’ itself.

It just bugs me to still see it and I have also had a client or two mention it.

Like I said, not a biggie but sometimes a bit annoying.

My 2cents

Haven’t noticed this in Nuendo 6 or 6.5. Usually they get the same quirks.
How about assigning a key command to “Meters:Reset”
Then you are in total control of your meters.
One of my most used key commands ever.
It is really handy to be able to reset it quickly/repeatedly when checking levels.

Aloha R and nice work-a-round!

I had not even thought of that but be setting that up tomorrow.

Tanx again for the suggestion.

I don’t believe this is an oversight. If you work on a large/long project, it is important to have the indicator stay on so you can track it down. Hence the key command to turn them off instead of a auto off after x time.

As far as I can remember the clipping indicators were always held on until you purposefully, manually reset them either by click, command or fader adjustment in all versions of Cubase going way back.

I rely on that behavior. Let a mix playback, leave the room to get a different perspective, grab a cup of coffee. When I come back I want to know if there were any overs I hadn’t previously caught.

Hi All

Yes, I agree with Curteye, it is strange that if the meters are set to “Hold Forever” the “peak” indicator stays put, if unclicked it disappears after a few seconds, but the Stereo master bus “overload” indicator does not follow this behaviour,an oversight? just btw the KC Meter Reset command is J at least it is on my machine, don’t think I changed mine.

Best Regards


Up till C6.5 my KC was “escape” to clear them. I’ve noticed the same KC sometimes does work, and sometimes doesn’t, in 7.5.20 … I guess it might be a focus thing, I haven’t figured out the details. Of course clicking on the master red light itself clears them also.

Aloha guys

and I must say a major MA BAD!!!

My apologies to all who posted because I had said:

Since C7.0 the lil red overload indicator light (on the main stereo output buss)
remains in an ‘on’ state way longer than it should.

What I meant to post was.
The lil ‘Overload Indicator’ in the ‘Transport Bar’ (not the main stereo buss)

I am really sorry about leading folks up the wrong path but OTOH,
I thank you all for your suggestions and P.O.V.'s.

Also I learned a couple of things and that is always waaaay kool.


I knew what you meant. and yeah it is still a mystery why it goes to red when it’s not supposed to. Just opening the project empty or otherwise makes it go red sometimes.

Yes, it is disconcerting for those who have just enough knowledge to know that it shouldn’t be there, and that reflects back on us, because in our having to ignore it, we are seen to be oblivious to such an obvious indicator!

And if we explain why, it looks like we are using some dicky software.

A no win situation, just because SB seems to consider it too trivial to fix, but it looks rather suss when a program lights a critical indicator before anything has actually happened to justify it! It is not trivial if a customer notices and comments upon it. That should make it a higher priority for a fix.