GeoShred problems with Cubasis

I’m new here and this is my first post. I’ve read the information on IAAs and still can’t find an answer to my problem.

The first problem is, Cubasis doesn’t “see” GeoShred, as it isn’t in the instrument list.
I tried working around it by using both Audiobus 2 and 3, but this causes crashes for GeoShred.
I’ve contact d the devs for GeoShred and they were great. They Skype called me and we reproduced the crash, so they’re looking at it.
The thing is, if Cubasis recognized it, I’d have no need for AudioBus.

Any suggestions?

Hi ScottF,

Cubasis provides full Inter-App Audio support for both audio and MIDI tracks:

• Effects can be set as insert or send effects
• Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
• Generators are inputs for audio tracks

However it depends on the app manufacturer what type of nodes are available.

Please get in touch with the app manufacture to find out where the problem could be related to.
We’re at hand to support them with a Cubasis promo code for evaluation purpose if required.

Hope that helps.