GEQ-30 bands labeled "unknown" in automation tree

I’m using Cubase 9.5.41, but this may be a problem with the GEQ-30 plugin. I added GEQ-30 as an INSERT to a Group Channel track and then made automation lanes for each of 3 bands selected from the list that you see in the “Add Parameter” dialogue box in the automation “tree.” At first all 30 bands (parameters) in the dialogue box were correctly labeled with each band’s frequency. Sometime later, after adding several automation events, I noticed that in the automation lanes of the track, the 3 frequencies were now labelled “unknown!” And if I open up the automation tree for GEQ-30, all 30 bands were now labeled “unknown.” However, the 6 remaining parameters (I.E. “Output,” “Bypass” . . .) were still correct. It’s easy to imagine the difficulty this causes.

Anyone else seen this issue and can you offer any advice?

(Running Windows 10 64-bit)


Yes, I can confirm. Reported to Steinberg (CAN-20461).

I experience the same issue with GEQ-10 in Cubase Artist 9.5. All bands for automation are labeled as unknown by default.