German Instruments names with accidentals flat b

Is it possible to show instrument name like trumpet (Bb) also in german language like this example Trompete (Bb). I tried different combinations in language-engraving options but it was either Trompete (B) or Trompete (H b). Does anyone have an idea??

Bb means a half tone beyond a B - in English nomenclature (likewise Eb is half a step beyond an E).
In German Bb would be A…
Trompete (A) is not what you want :slight_smile:

Hi, @chorus1968!
There already is a thread around this topic: Klarinette (H Be) - #19 by Estigy

Well in pop or jazz music we can have the convention of using English note names (since they are also used for chord symbols) but German instrument names.


Trompete in Bb, really?
That’s nonsense.
Why not use Trumpet (Bb)?
ps: I am German myself…

It might be nonsense to a professional but when working with young students it could be an acceptable solution. There are some teachers out there that nowadays prefer English note names but otherwise stay in German language. :man_shrugging:t2:
I also don’t think it could be confused since Bb would never be thought of as an A since that would be called Heses if you think in German note names. Bb clearly refers to English conventions.

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Thanks all for your/their reply. I know that german names plus Bb (in brackets or not) sounds strange, but in some cases it is for me useful. I read the topic which Estigy mentioned (Thanks). Therefore it seems to me like a (small) bug. It is by now not really most important issue. It just would be fine Dorico accepts the presets someone adjusts. See added picture. Regards, Michael.