German keyboard layout and input of accidentals

One issue with the german keybord, concerning accidentals, 0 - = :

On the english keyboard 0 - = are fine and logical and work fine for putting accidentals.
On the german keybord this functions are on the same physical keys, i.e. german keys 0 ß ´
The problem is: ´ is not a normal key, it works as modifier to produce things like á.
you hit ´ - nothing happens - then you hit a, and you get á.
To get a single ´ you have to hit ´and space.
Result: you cannot put a # to a note with german keyboard layout.
you hit ´ - nothing happens …
you hit space … playback starts, no # …
seems suboptimal!

As of Dorico 1.0.10, the key commands for natural, flat and sharp on a German keyboard are 0, ß and ?. If you’ve got an older set of key commands that you have customised, perhaps you could try clicking ‘Reset Key Commands’ in the Key Commands page of Preferences to reset to the current set of defaults. Do make a note of the ones you’ve overridden yourself in the meantime.