German translation of "Bracketed Noteheads"

I’m not sure if small translation issues of the GUI should be reported in the forum as well. Since I couldn’t find a more suitable place, I’m just posting it here.

In the German GUI environment, the property section “Bracketed Noteheads” in the bottom panel of Write mode is labeled “Notenköpfe in eckigen Klammern” which translates to “noteheads in square brackets”. This doesn’t seem to be quite right because round brackets/parentheses are handled there too. I think, the literal translation “Eingeklammerte Notenköpfe” would be more appropriate.

Thanks, Martin, I will pass these feedback on to our translator. This is a good place to post any suggestions you have for improvements to the localisation, so please go ahead if you find other terminology you would like to change.

That’s great, Daniel, thanks. While having another look at the mentioned property section, I stumbled over a further strange term: “Haltekette” (sustain chain) which is supposed to mean “tie chain”. In the manual it’s correctly called “Haltebogenkette”. This term should probably be used in the application too.

Thanks, I’ll pass that along too.