german translation struggle

Hello, its me again with a comment to the german translation.

Now its about the dialog which allows to copy a staff spacing from site x to sites y–z.
In german it looks like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-09 um 11.32.23.png
Complicated to explain in english.
The first line shows the page I want to copy, the second and third the range of pages I want to insert the staff spacing.
But the german translation produces a syntax error (means you need a video of Anthony Hughes to override your mother tongue and understand the dialog)
»Ab« means »from«, but in a slightly different sense. »Ab« is commonly used with »bis« (e.g. »from« (ab) now «until« (bis) then). (»Ab« mostly has a temporal connection, not a spatial one). So the german dialog tells me:
»from« page x »until« page y »until« page z.

You cannot copy something »ab« here, but just »von« here.

I would suggest e.g.
1 »von: Seite«
2 »zu: von Seite«
3 »bis Seite«

von: from, zu: to

I agree that there is a problem; I don’t agree with the solution. “zu: von Seite” sounds quite awkward to me - “nach” would be better instead of “zu” (kopieren von A nach B), but it remains confusing.

I would suggest:

  1. Quelle: Seite X
  2. Ziel: ab Seite Y
  3. Ziel: bis Seite Z


You are right. My solution wasn’t very elaborated – monday morning … Yours is better.
If you think of the window title »Notenzeilenspationierung kopieren« it could be enough to write

  1. von Seite X
  2. nach Seite Y
  3. bis Seite Z

Thanks for the feedback, which I will pass on to our German translator.

Thanks, Daniel!