Gerneric Remote - select specific track?

i use KORG Triton as a midi controller and i want to select tracks using korg Prog. Change messages
I know how to choose Next track / Prev…
But not specific track! :thinking:

You can do it with a PLE that selects a track by name, for instance.

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Thank you Steve
i want to select track by Korg screen
When i choose a sound using Triton Screen it send a prog.change message
so i can create a custom sound bank in my Triton for Cubase track with same names “korg sounds = Cubase tracks”

i don’t know if PLE works in my case? And how?

Create the PLE preset, and assign that as the command in the lower pane of the GR

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Can you give me an example of how to do that in PLE? I’m not an expert in :slight_smile:
can you create one for 3 prog. messages 0, 1, 3 / Channel 1 for all I would be very grateful
I’ll try to understand the method then and then complete the customization myself.

If you have never used the PLE, have a look in the manual and/or inspect a few of the presets to get an understanding of how things are structured. Once you do that you’ll probably have figured out how to do what you want.

If you haven’t post back with your reflections and you’ll get some help.

I’ve done some things through it, but I don’t have enough experience with transform Midi signals through it.
Can’t I do that without the PLE?

The GR receives the program command, and then executes the chosen command. I apologize, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, please read the manual so you are at least familiar with what the scope of the PLE is. Then, armed with this knowledge you will be able to ask the right questions, and create your workflow.

Or, someone else here might eventually supply you with the fish. :wink:

I really like pre-ready fish:)

But then you eat for a day, not the rest of your life! :smiley:


Yes but maybe I’ll find someone to cook for me again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I like to learn everything myself but some things I try without success,
Then I come here and ask.

well, what info is missing from your brain specifically, to solve this? I’ll help with anything, except for writing the PLE preset for you.

Looks like I’m finally starting to understand what you mean.
I have to create a PLE preset for each “Track”
Without any MIDI signal transform inside PLE
And then complete the task in GR

Am I on the right track?

You are, indeed!

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Thank you Steve
I don’t know what the mistake I did
The only thing that happens when send 1 / 2 / 3 prog. change … is select the first track “pianoteq” through prog. change 1 + 2 + 3
0 doesn’t work at all

Looks like it’s working great, as far as the PLE goes. But you have to use the Generic Remote to Apply the the PLE.

The tracks are not involved in this (the PLE does not deal with midi at all)

So now you have your PLE presets, so you have to use the Generic Remote to receive the midi signal from you Korg, so it can invoke the command in Cubase

Yes that what i did !
the Midi signals in Midi monitor that you saw in the video is coming from my Korg Triton

hold on, I’ll watch again

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Okay… when you’re looking at the midi monitor, you’re seeing midi events going to the track. But we don’t care about that, we need to see the the midi signal going to the Generic Remote, not the track.

This is done using the Learn function of the GR

Can the Korg send anything besides Program Change?

Yes i used Midi learn function when i made the GR for the 4 controller.
Korg sends a prog. change And a “controller” message at the same time
Anyway, I knew the problem.
Because midi learn function was choosing the "controller " message Not a prog. change … I knew the signal number through Cubase Midi Monitor … and entered it in GR manually
To solve the problem was to switch Prog.change to Prog.change Trigger :slight_smile:

Thank you soooo much Steve you saved my life :pray: