Get a dotted eighth? How?

How can I get the low g in bar 71 to display as a dotted eighth?

  1. Untie it using U
  2. Select the first note, press O for Force Duration
  3. Press 5, then period.
  4. Select the previous note in the tie chain and re-tie it using T

Thank you.
As soon as I do step 4, to re-tie it, it jumps back to a quaver and a semiquaver.

Yeah, it can be fiddly. You may need to apply Force Duration to the previous notes in the tie chain as well.

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That works, thanks. Force duration has to be applied to all notes in the tie before they’re tied together.

Specifically, not just all the notes, but when you tie two notes, the first must be forced, because the second becomes part of it, and so takes on its properties.