Get buttons glow right on MidiMix by AKAI

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there is a preset for MidiMix in Cubasis in the midi settings. Works quite correct as aspected but the buttons did turn on the light. On HUI or Mackie setting some buttons are glowing but it is making no sense. How connect this controller properly?

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Here are a few links to available tutorials, which explain how to use MIDI Learn, Mackie and HUI Support in Cubasis.

MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support | What’s New in Cubasis 3.3

Cubasis 3.3 Update - Midi Learn, Multi Out, Sidechain | MobileMusicPro

Cubasis 3.3 Midi Learn (In-depth video) | Paako_Bravoo

Hope that helps.

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I found this on the Cubase site with the akai midimix mapping.

Please Note: The Record Arm, Mute and Solo lights will not turn on or off when in use with Cubase.

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Hi @David_Marton

Please note that Cubasis and Cubase are different apps. In regards to automation in Cubasis, I’d suggest to check the video links in my previous posting and/or to check the Cubasis help for further info.

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Hi!Thank you for the answer.Running in to the same problem with Midimix and Cubasis.Thought the midi mapping concept is the same behind both.That’s why I suggested it, as a hint.

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