get cubase to start recording when it gets signal from outside device

I can’t seem to find how to do this in my user manual. I have cubase (I’m using artist 7, btw) and my VSTs hooked up to an old Ensoniq EPS sequencer. How do I set it up so that cubase starts recording the second I hit start on the sequencer? FL Studio has a “wait” option that does this - it starts recording the second it gets a signal from an outside source. The problem is the studio where my band’s songs are mixed down uses Cubase and so the guy has to move all the parts so that they are timed perfectly. I mean, they sound fine to me but he wants the notes and beats to be lined up perfectly.

The way I have been doing it is using the click countdown on my sequencer and hitting record on cubase on or close to the last click. I want it to simply start recording the second I hit start without the click. (Or maybe I will leave the click in just so that there is a four-count before the song starts.) Either way, I don’t want to hit record on cubase. I want cubase to start recording when it gets the signal from the EPS.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can assist me with this problem.

You might want to try the appropriate forum that does not say “german” in the header