Get Cubase5 recognize Asio Driver

Stopped playing guitar and composing professional like 20 years ago soon.
Been asked one to many times now to start record something of my own.

Unpacking my old old Cubase 5. I go in to Device Setup to get Asio driver, it cant find my sound card. Never had that problem before. Its still the same Cubase, same Same sound card and same driver. And it finds my Axe-Fx.
So being comfortable around computers (PC) i thought I fix that. But no. I guess not.
Would be great full for any kind of help that can solve this. Without my woman cutting my head of for saying I want to buy a new. So what I done so far is:

I reinstalled Cubase 5 again.
I deleted the driver to my sound card. And restarted to flash it up again for any software that might missed it.
That made all other things not find it, but setting the sound card as Default again made al other software find it again, Except Cubase 5.

Any other suggestions for me?

What is the sound card, have you downloaded the latest version of an ASIO driver for it?

The card is EMU1820 and software is E-MU PatchMix DPS.
The thing is that it the same Cubase,the same software and the same Windows7 and the same computer as when it worked last time. The only thing I find that is different is that Cubase has been reinstalled.
I’m guessing your answer is that that is strange cause E-MU is no longer supporting its old late costumers. Kind of like Steinberg and my old Cubase :slight_smile:
But this software is made for this to work on windows 7, and it did. And my problem is the word “did” and not do.

And so much thanks Tacman7 for you to at least try. More then I can say of many companies. Still have the old Cubase for Atari back in 199X. So old with this, and cant afford a upgrade with family and house right now. So hoped some one could help me with suggestions to try out.

download a demo of cubase 9 and see if it sees it…

So you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this driver?

E-MU® 0404, 1212M, 1616, 1616M, 1820, 1820M Digital Audio System, Emulator® X and Proteus® X Driver Package V1.82

I used to own an 1820m, good card. So patchmix runs and says everything is ok? I mean is shows the hardware there and everything?

I had the headphones go out on that card, got an external headphone amplifier.
Year later I got a new computer and installed everything and the headphones were back!
It’s hard to tell if it’s a hardware of software problem.

Yes I did uninstall the driver. And reinstalled it again, or it searched for it it self and installed it automaticly.
And the patchmix is working fine, have not done anything with the patchmix sins I had the same Cubase 5 installed earlier.
And yes its hard to say, but I think its a software problem, thought should reinstall the total package of patchmix from scratch . Just I cant find that software any were no more. It was free downloaded from some where from the guys that programed it. But can’t remember were that page was.

If that not working if I ever find that patchmix again even. Then I try what ggc said, just having 2 cubase installed at the same time feels like when uninstall the demo it will leave things that will cubace 5 a problem.

But thanks you guys to trying to give me suggestions. All suggestions is welcome.
And I’m sending you blessings from Sweden :slight_smile:

Search for 1820m driver on google and go to the creative website that comes up first.

I will try that Tacman7 thanks lots

Not bin here for a wile, And it did not work. Changing driver made Cubase 5 find “EMU ASIO” under VST Audio System.
But it does not send out any sound to the sound card when press play.
But it does give sound if I change to “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver” under VST Audio System in Cubase.
So it works sending sound though wrong driver to EMU. That is so strange. So I gave up. Were about to upgrade to Cubase 9. But if they cant find my card and make it working its money not well spent.
So ones again I guess I will have to give up on my Cubase.

There’s a free, fully functional demo you can download…

You still have to have the USB key to use the demo.