Get Files not working

I recently had a chance to do a test and thought that it worked well. We are still subject to internet dropouts but the fact that you can transfer over the raw recorded takes is a relief.
The ‘Get HD Files’ seems to be working properly, though it takes too long to transfer the entire session while the talent is still connected. The ‘Get Local Files’ button does nothing when I press it. Is it supposed to show me a path to the files on the talent’s local computer and then they can put the files up on an ftp? This would be my preferred way of working.

One strange thing I noticed was when I navigated to the files on the talent’s computer(My home computer–I connected to my home computer from work), the files were not playable by the Mac’s preview or by iTunes. Those are standard wav files correct?

I have a session scheduled for Thursday so it’d be great if I could get this ironed out. Anyone else experience this?

That’s a problem, it`s slow because audio and video are still running. But there will be enhancements with the next version.

Not quite. You will retreive the files from the Talent first, which ever way you prefer (Dropbox, ftp etc), to your local machine. “Get Local Files” should open a file select dialog where you can point to that folder.
If the button does nothing…are you sure that not everything has been transfered already?

That’s correct. They play just fine with Windows Media Player here…?

Hi there,

I can confirm the same issue regarding “get local files”. I am based in uk and my talent (cousin) resides in Miami florida who has time on his hands again for some recording. When I have recorded some material and click on get Hd files it works perfectly but as stated way too slow to be usable. when I try more material with the get local files button no box comes up to say where to get them. The button does turn green whilst clicked on and that’s it. I definitely have not pulled the hd files yet from the talent.


Hi again,
I have managed to find out why it is not working for us or atleast for me. We have been still connected to the talent whilst trying to get local files. Once the client has disconnected the get local files button actually works correctly bringing up a comment about getting files etc then upon clicking that box you will see the normal directory window you are used to in order to direct to where you have received the clients files. I hope this help.