get locoal files error

ok at last i made working the system and i have to say thats works really good and is very cool but i allready made a recording and i tried to transfer the filkes to my computer and is no only that takes long time,the maiun problemis that is diconecting all time so i talked with my client to send me the session via wetransfer ,and i have everything but always y trid to import …a dialog error say

There were errors processing local HD files. Some HD files may be missing or corrupt.

any way to fix this


Please add some details about your system, version, DAW’s etc, etc… to your signature. These can be important so people don’t waste time asking trivial questions back and forth… :wink:

In the meantime, can you confirm you are running VST Connect PRO edition…? This is needed for the HD file transfer facility.

Make sure to have the correct folder, should have the same name as the Cubase project, make sure to have saved the Cubase project before transfering. Also check if it didn’t just work despite of the message.

well i am working withth vet pro in the cubase 10.5 and i still have a lot of problems nwvwe caniport hd files always lost connection and i say to my client to send me the folder with al the foils wav and xml and always the same
local porijet not found,
i made everything pun the folder im the cubase project folder aou of the project folder,inside the audio folder,nothing
maybe i am doing something wrong

You need the entire (!) folder from the Performer’s computer that has the name of the Cubase project in question.

Also note that the message you mentioned now is quite different from your first post. The first post message means that it did find the project, but couldn’t relate all audio files to the Cubase project. Check if it worked nevertheless, sometimes recordings not used may get in the way.

The message in your last post however indicates that it doesn’t find the correct Performer project which aligns with the Cubase project at all.
On Windows, the Performer’s folder is usually in Documents/VSTConnectPerformer/projectName and should contain at least one file labeled performerProject1234567890.xml (the number obviously varies), and a folder ‘audio’. Point ‘Get Local files’ to that folder on your computer.

ythanks for your patience
i know is different message cos the performer doesn’t send me the folder with all files and this problem was solved so now i have the entire folder ,soupiest to have it cos he put all the folder in my dropbox, and i can’t again sorry cos maybe i am doing something wrong ,
i gong talk with the performer again to make sure that i have everything
but i think i have everything is the second project that i made and i have to add files one by one

I have had the exact same error. I’m definitely point ‘Get Local HD Files’ at the correct folder, which contains audio files and XML files, and has the same name as the project. Does anyone know why this is happening?