Get Me With The Beat, Please!

When it comes to midi I am a total dummy, clueless, I want [need to] us Groove Agent 1, I am running Cubase Elements 7, I have got as far as putting Groove Agent on the screen and the pads making drum sounds, that’s it! what is Beat Designer, where is it ? do I have to download it ? Is somewhere in Cubase ? I’ve watched numerous tutorials, the guy hits a few pads and get more or less what I’m looking for, explains everything, I follow these instruction but nothing.can someone please help, Dave.

Beat Designer is a MIDI insert plugin

Select the groove agent track, then come to the MIDI inserts section for that track, then select Beat Designer in one of the emply slots from the drop down menu.

happy beat making :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten that far. How’d you do it ?

Try at 3:00

Beat Designer is a MIDI plugin. MIDI plugins are not included with Cubase Elements 7.

forgive me, after reading the plug in reference manual, it would appear that beat designer is not included in Cubase Elements 7 which it would seem you are using :frowning:

Ah! Another feature I look forward to using once I get the full package :slight_smile:

OK, now I know I don’t have Beat Designer what are my option for getting a simple drum track, 4/4 a couple of fills etc, from Groove Agent ? thanks Dave .

"Groove Agent gives you complete drum tracks in just a few clicks " This is from the ad on the Steinberg website, it suggests you switch it on, push a couple of buttons and hey, we are in the groove, drum machine heaven, well I’m not ! how do I get this thing to work? are there any instructions ? does it work on its own ? I’ve paid for this kit, I love most of it and most of all I need it, but I’m getting on in years and it would be nice to hear what it can do before I get that big gig in the sky! somebody, anybody - HELP!

You can try Addictive drums 2 or Ezdrummer 2: