Get ready to try Nuendo 10. But when?

Hi guys. I wanted to start my adventure with Nuendo after years of working with Pro Tools but at the beginning I see that it will not be easy as well. I wanted to install the trial version so I bought a USB eLicencer and I am humbly waiting for the mail with an activation code and a download link. And I’m waiting second hour. Still nothing.

The time I had to spend today on installing your software and trying it, I spend on the forum with technical problems. Great… Maybe You have the servers there with 56k modems that are not able to process too many requests? Yes, of course I’ve checked the spam folder. Unfortunately it is empty. How much longer is this shipment gonna take to get to me? Day? Week? Month? Since in the 21 century servers are worse than traditional mail, maybe we should go back to the days of pigeon mail… :slight_smile:


Great start here in the forum…


Hello Bogzz,

I have sent you an activation code for the Nuendo 10 Trial per PM. Please let me know if that worked.

All the best,

Thanks a lot!