Get rid of old versions when deculttering the studio?


I am in the process of upgrading from C5 to C6 and Reason 5 to Reason 6
And decultering / getting rid of junk in my studio

I have boxes and manuals for older versions of the software and I am inclined to get rid of them.

Is there any reason to keep say the box and manual from C4 or SE 3 for that matter. (i’ll keep the install discs cause they take up no space, but is there realy any reason to keep the box and old manuals?

If I could give them away to a friend who is just getting started with DAWS I might give it to them so that they can test drive the concept with a full version with no time limit, but I am pretty sure the license does not allow the transfer of older versions or does it?


The licenses for the full version of Cubase are on your dongle, so effectively, those old version are useless without the dongle.

hi northwood thanks

but I guess the question is could I give away the license to C4 if the recipient where to buy a dongle for $30?

Am I right in assuming that you upgraded from C4 to C5 and then to C6? If so, then you actually don’t have any separate C4 license you could give away. The old C4 license was overwritten with the C6 license during the upgrade process. Upgrades simply don’t add licenses, they only replace the old ones with the new ones.

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Miroslav is quite correct.