Get rid of white ghost notes when copying midi

Hello. When I copy and paste a certain section of a midi part, the pasted part will include the notes I selected in red, and then the other notes which were outside the selected range in white. If I then glue this bit of midi to an adjacent midi, the white notes are kept (turn red). I don’t want the white notes, I only want the bit I selected. How can I avoid these white notes? is there another select tool? I am using the one where I press the number 2 on my keyboard. Currently I have to delete all the white notes before glueing together the midi parts (pressing 4 on the keyboard) and it’s annoying.
Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 11.40.32

I attach an image to show both the red and white midi notes.

Thanks a lot in advance.



There are 2 ways of cutting the MIDI Part.

  • Destructive: Use the Split tool.
  • Non-Destructive: Move the MIDI Part’s border.

If you cut it the destructive way, the rest of the MIDI Part becomes deleted and you cannot get the MIDI data back by exceeding the MIDI Part. This is what you are searching for.

Thank you