Get to know Nuendo much better

I’ve been with Nuendo since my N2ition led me there at Nuendo 2. (sorry for the pun…too easy)

I just did something I’ve never done. Try it for yourself and I think you will be glad you did. I learned things about Nuendo I did not know and discovered functions I have added to my workflow.

I also gained an appreciation for the enormously wide capabilities of this app, its unparalleled provision for customisation and also, respect for the complexity of what the team at SB must deal with to improve it.

Go to Top Menu Bar > Edit > Preferences > Configuration.

First, take the time to open every folder. All of them. There are A LOT of them. Then just scroll down slowly from the top and behold everything Nuendo can do, all shown in one place. It’s HUGE. I made a list of really useful functions I did not know were there and am implementing them bit by bit.

I hope you will give this a try. It re-energized that feeling of adventure I had when I first started using Nuendo and reinforced this as a great decision for my work.

If you live in the US, you have heard Nuendo and I together on the radio at some point. Choosing Nuendo over Alishad (Pro Tools to you youngsters) was the right call for me. Thanks, Steinberg.

Thank you for sharing, much appreciated!

I’ve always looked to keyboard commands to find new functions but never considered configuration menu as a way to learn Nuendo ) Nice suggestion! Thanks a lot! I will dive into it tomorrow certainly)