The problem with VG is that Steinberg was never the owner of the sound libraries. Those were developed by Wizoo and Wizoo was acquired by the company that makes ProTools. Is the law of the jungle and we are just preys. There were other great VSTi lost in this Wizoo transaction. There isn’t still a VSTi as great as VG. I’m a guitar player also but it saved me a lot of recording time, connections, quality, etc. Now I’m working with a lot of different VSTis: Real Guitar, ChrisHeinn, Kontakt, but the results are not as good. The variety of styles and the playability of VG aren’t still matched. (Sorry for my bad english)

Steinberg knows how they did it. They can do the same thing but better.

Marketing wise it would be a good idea for Steinberg to promote Halion 5. Halion 5 has an big reputation regarding it capabilities. Making a VG3 which must be superior to VG2 would make People look with big eyes :slight_smile:

Come on Steinberg, you get this one for free from me!

Another vote for VG3!

and this from a MIDIguitarist.

I ain’t proud. If it works, it works. So use it:) :slight_smile:



99% of producers / musicians and composers are waiting for VG3 or VG2 re-release, or even VG1.


Please!!! Virtual Guitarist 3!!!

or VG2.1 at least. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaseeeeeee

+1000 on VG 3

It´s obvious that people really wants VG3. VG has been the best idea and the worst mercantile implementation in the history of the plugings.

  • 10000000000000000000000000 on VG3


I asked for a similar VST/plugin recently in the last Steinberg survey because I’m guitar and bass guitar player and sometimes I don’t take my guitars, only the laptop and need tools to write my musical ideas


Please release a Virtual Guitarist 3. It is really needed in the market.

Wel i’m chasing Air music for this one too!

I bought all the virtual guitarist from 1 (when it was split into 2 separate products) to 2. Never really utilized it back then, but sure could use it now. Unfortunately those don’t install on windows 8.1 so PLEASE make Virtual Guitarist 3, or make updates so modern computers can run your older awesome stuff. I’ve supported Steinberg for a number of years and would love to be able to use some of the other older plugins I bought from you, like Virtual Bass too.

Hoping VG2 works with N7 and hope someone somewhere realises what a great idea [artistically and financially] it would be to bring out VG3.

at the end of this interview there is some hope for VG?
(its in Japanese ,use translator)

I have VG2 and still use it on win10 but to get things working correctly I have to render the tracks to audio before recording anything else. I had a look if there was anything similar out there and can’t find anything anywhere near as good.

So just adding my voice for VG3 or even getting the plugin part up to date as 64bit so it works on my DAW well. Come on this is a great plugin especially for non guitarists.

Hey, everybody. Check this out. Looks like our prayers have been answered.

no acoustic :frowning: