at the end of this interview there is some hope for VG?
(its in Japanese ,use translator)

I have VG2 and still use it on win10 but to get things working correctly I have to render the tracks to audio before recording anything else. I had a look if there was anything similar out there and can’t find anything anywhere near as good.

So just adding my voice for VG3 or even getting the plugin part up to date as 64bit so it works on my DAW well. Come on this is a great plugin especially for non guitarists.

Hey, everybody. Check this out. Looks like our prayers have been answered.

no acoustic :frowning:

There will not be a VG3 as all the material and some other legal stuff owned by Wizoo is not part of AVID / Air music. VG was made in collaboration between Steinberg and Wizoo, Wizoo is bought by AVID and never saw daylight again.

By the way, I still have VG2 working in my windows 10 64 bit and had it always working in 8.1, did you try “run as administartor” ?

You could try AcousticSamples ‘Sunbird’, the first one that may be even better than my VG2.

Check out ujam amber and sparkle . Aparently Ujam is part of the team that made wizoo virtual guitarists.

I just listened to the video demo.
You can’t get VG2 to sound that bad/fake…