getMidiControllerAssignment - no CC transmitted

Modified again_vst2: (with VSTWrapper ofcourse into a dll)

tresult PLUGIN_API AGainController::getMidiControllerAssignment (int32 busIndex, int16 midiChannel, CtrlNumber midiControllerNumber, ParamID& tag)
if (midiControllerNumber == 123)
tag = kGainId;
return kResultTrue;
return kResultFalse;

Does work for receiving CC 123, but does not send a CC.
Used HyperCyclic 1.5 (64bit) VST to generate CC. it sends a bunch of CC 123’s with value 0 upon stop of the transport. (changed gain to 0)
Is this an issue in the SDK or is something else needed to send CC’s ?

Guess this should be classified into being a stupid question ?

VST3 plugin does not send MIDI CC back to the host (no dedicated event for them), the VST2 wrapper does not support this either: sending of MIDI CC back the host.

Hello Yvan, Thanks for the reply.

I understand you cannot send MIIDI though the MIDI calls (thought I hope this is possible in a future SDK, see other post)

Perhaps I got this wrong, but my initial thought was this:

  • When a CC is received by the host, it sends this as a parameter change to the plugin based on getMidiControllerAssignment (this works)
  • So what I expected logically was that if the plug changes a parameter the host would send the CC that was mapped by getMidiControllerAssignment

Apparently this is not how it works, so that means that if the plugin wants to send CC it needs to use the native OS API for sending MIDI. For Windows that would be either the Win32 or the new Windows 10 UAP API in order (to reach Blue-tooth / BLE devices)

i will talk about this here at Steinberg, maybe we need to introduce MIDI CC events handling for output. Let´s see…