GetPluginFactory symbol not getting exported for XCode release build

I have my own XCode project for my plugin. The debug build outputs the GetPluginFactory symbol okay, but the release build does not. So Cubase can run the debug build, but it fails to scan the release build. I’ve tripled checked the Build Settings in XCode and it looks okay.

I see two forum posts that address a similar issue:

But neither point to a solution that works for me.

I tried adding the file public.sdk/source/main/macexport.exp (In “Exported Symbols File” of the XCode build settings) but that did not work.

Any suggestions?

… also, this used to work with VST3 SDK v3.6, but started failing after I upgraded to VST3 SDK 3.7.1

Rather than using .exp files, the entry is now exported via SMTG_EXPORT_SYMBOL.
If you’re rolling your own GetPluginFactory() implementation, add this define to it. Otherwise, the SDK does this for you inside the various BEGIN_FACTORY… macros (3 variants: 1 in ivstcomponent.h and 2 in pluginfactory.h)


Thanks … that worked.