Gets tired Dorico ho NotePerformer playback

It is happening to me that when it takes 10 h or 12 minutes to play, Noteperformer closes. Does anyone know about this?

Sorry, your message isn’t very clear. Can you say a bit more about what problem you’re experiencing?


Well, it happens to me that I have three flows with a duration of approximately 15 minutes, when I start to play everything continuously, it reaches the third flow and noteperformer playback closes and returns to the original Note sounds, how can this be?

You mean that the third flow doesn’t play back if you start playback from the beginning of the project?

yes it is indeed

Can you attach the project here?

(Attachment nueva song ALARGADA 12 version limpiando PLANTILLA BBC.dorico is missing)

(Attachment template banda MUNICIPAL.np_template is missing)

this is still not clear. When you say " returns to the original Note sounds" this could be interpreted as you are using an NPPE template and this closes (i.e. crashes), meaning that NotePerfomer reverts to the native NP sounds. I’ve had this happen before although NP 4.1 seems a good deal more stable and now reports memory use correctly so you can see more easily if you are possibly running out of system resources which could lead to this sort of behaviour.

But either way, I can’t access your file – there is “Access denied” and I’m still waiting for an email for permission to access – there should not be any necessity to log in for a file you want to share on the forum.

I’m sorry but I’m not very good at this, indeed when I say it goes back to the Note sounds I mean that it closes the noteplayback

El traductor me esta volviendo loco quiero decir que cierrra Noteperformer playback y vuelve a los sonidos propios del Noteperformer sin playback.

OK - I’ve got this running now. I’ll let you know if I get the same problem when it reaches the third flow. Looks like you’re just running NotePerformer on its own.

Just played your project all the way though with no problems. Does your problem definitely happen each time you load the project from fresh (and I assume don’t have any other Dorico projects loaded)?

no no tengo nada mas cargado !seguire observando a ver que ocurre!