Gettin an older cubase

I am useing cubase 7.5 on windows 7 and ive had problems with my VST “Analog lab” by arturia

after opening 4 or more of the vst the cubase would crash
a friend helped me upgrade the windows to 64 bit from 32 and that solved the problem

So to the issue
I am also working on my lap top witch is a 32 bit version (windows 7)
and the vst in there keeps crashing like befor
so im wondering maybe installing an older version of cubase could help ?

ive looked around and theres no download for cubase 5 only updates

Do you think it can solve my issue ?
can you help me find a download ?

my laptop has a decent video card and 4GB of ram i suppose thats enough to run cubase

Thanks for reading hope u can help