Getting 2 systems on the first page

I am trying to get the first 2 systems on the first page and I tried out adjusting many different settings, even using A3 paper size and decreasing the staff size, still page 1 only shows a single system. Any suggestions how to place 2 systems here?
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 13.59.03.png

Make into frame, in Engrave mode ?

It’s odd that you get this without any lingering frame breaks… have you tried Engrave/Staff Spacing/Reset Layout?
If you activate frames and select the first music frame, then look in the Properties Panel at Top and bottom padding, and change these values … does anything change?

I had the Casting off set to Fixed number of systems per frame to 2 systems. That is what confused me, I turned that off and the 2 first systems snapped in place on the first page.

If you have it set to fixing two systems per page but also have the Scale number of systems by frame height option set, then you may find that when Dorico looks at the height of the first music frame compared to the height of subsequent frames it decides it can’t fit the second system in.

If you want two systems per page, I’d say it’s unlikely you would need to use the Fixed number of systems per frame option anyway. That option is really intended for instrumental parts or scores for solo instruments, where you want to guarantee 10 or 11 systems per page.