Getting 2 weird messages at startup about e-Licenser

C6.5.1 will load fine after these 2 messages. It’s really weird. I wanted to upload them as image files but the forums said they were over 700 pixels wide. Sorry for the links.

So I’ve been off Cubase for awhile, trying to learn PT10 (hate it). So here’s some possible reaons:

Installed PT10 and it’s iLok thing
Got a new graphics card
There was a W7 update
Tried to upgrade my EMU 1212m to an 1820m (slightly diff hardware). Ive since regressed back to 1212m.

Havnt upgraded to C6.5.4 yet…

Any ideas??

I think ilok is not the source of the problem ( I’m able to use generation 1 or 2 at the same time with Elicenser without issues).

My Win7 (SP1 32 bits) is updated too (including the most recent updates from a few days ago), and everything is fine here.

Maybe your new graphics card is the problem. But it is only a guess…

Did you tried to completely uninstall elicenser software from your PC?

I had the same problem some time ago and this is the advice I received from Steinberg (I save these sorts of thing in Notepad format) and it worked for me, see below.

"The issue you are experiencing is with your soft-eLicenser. I don’t think this would distrub the use of your products and I assume you have a USB-eLicenser.

Regards, below are directions to remove and regenerate the soft-eLicenser which will stop the error messages

Delete the SeLicenser.sel file manually you can find the file here:

Windows Vista/7


Windows 7 / Vista 64 bit

• Click on the Windows logo in the task bar

• Enter “cmd” (without the quotation marks) and right-click the cmd entry in the result list. Choose “Run as administrator” (important!)

• type “cd” then press enter

• type “cd Program Files (x86)” then press enter

• type “cd elicenser” then press enter

• type “cd POS” then press enter

• type “synsopos.exe -regsel” then press enter

if no error appears the next command prompt line will say

C:\Program Files (x86)\elicenser\POS>

• Close command prompt

• If you open the eLCC, the Soft-eLicenser should be listed and can be
used now."