Getting 4.3 that I paid for on my Macbook. I bought it using my Desktop at work

I upgraded to 4 and 4.3 on my Desktop with tthe dongle. When I put the dongle on my laptop, I am having difficult in getting 4.3 on my Macbook. I was able to see 3.5 again but not 4.3. How do I find the correct Activation key for this new software on my Macbook. The one I copied down doesn’t seem to work I would appreciate any help with this. I did pay for the upgrade and I would like to use it on my Macbook as well as my desktop.

Dorico 4 doesn’t use the dongle. You need to install Steinberg Activation Manager from the Steinberg Download Assistant, and your license should update automatically.

Indeed, as Dan says, if you run Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) on your laptop, it will automatically install Steinberg Activation Manager, and you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Steinberg ID. Once you’ve signed in, you will see a category My Product Downloads in the left-hand side in SDA: open this up and you will see Dorico 4 in there. Select it, and on the right-hand side click the Install All button to make sure everything gets installed.

Now run Dorico 4 on your laptop, and it will automatically launch Steinberg Activation Manager. Sign in with your Steinberg ID when prompted, and Dorico will automatically be activated.