Getting a fat bass sound with a fat kick or not

Newbie question. How would a kick drum effect my bass sound. Will a fat distorted kick drum make my bass sound less fat and more tiny, or will it make the bass more fat and give it more body?

Post an audio example.

Other than that, it all s determined by the 2 sounds you are blending. They both can blend and not get in each other’s way. The technique would be determined by the 2 separate sounds.

I’d have to hear them to give you a helpful technique.

It’s in general, but maybe it can not be answered.

There’s generally three ways to attack this

  1. Duck the bass with a compressor sidechained to the kick, the stock cubase compressor does this well.
  2. Apply mirrored EQ cuts and bumps where the kick is strong
  3. Use a specialist dynamic processer (such as Trackspacer) to notch the bass when the kick sounds.

Perhaps a combination of the above.