Getting a few eLicenser errors on startup now

Getting a lot of these lately:

eLicencer Error

A couple of presses on “Retry” eventually clears it.

Is this common?

  • Cubase Pro 11.0.41
  • Windows 10
  • Old style dongle in USB 2 port
  • eLicenser app up to date and done maintenence

I had exactly the same problem until I had a new, small dongle… The small dongle runs then but much faster. That is - as far as I remember - the cause of the error messages (time-out…). Is the question whether it is still worth it to get a new dongle. I found the difference very powerful…

With Cubase 12 coming next year and no dongle I don’t think I’ll replace it.

Yes, but if you have other software from Steinberg (VSTi, sounds…), then you must continue to use the dongle for this until this software is also updated to the new license system. The question is how long this will take. I would still spend the 20 euros for the dongle…
But you have to know that.