Getting a percussion sample to playback


I have a suspended cymbal in my score. Dorico (correctly) notates it on a one line stave.

I am using an Orchestral Tools cymbal sample which is loaded and working - from PLAY mode I can click on the keyboard in the OT interface.

I have created a percussion map which should trigger the sample on F3 or F4 or F5 orF6- I have put entries in for all just in case the octave is wrong… (C3 or C4 thing)

Tried with and without keyswitches - shouldn’t need them as OT interface has the correct sample selected.

No sound at all.

Have read the manual, tried everything I can think of. Any help much appreciated

Any ideas?

Just making sure you did not miss that step, your percussion map is selected in the VST routing (cog) for the cymbal instrument?


I am worried about “p” as playback technique…try natural.

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