Getting a Roland A-80 to work....

Good afternoon all…

Leane & Anson with a tech problem here…

We are strict amateurs when it comes to this stuff, but I still have some experience.

Our goal here is to get a Roland A-80 MIDI Keyboard Controller to work with our Win 7 setup.

The only thing we need is for it to generate keystroke sounds from the keyboard to the computers sound system. We want to teach voice lessons, with the keyboard working as a piano in the background.

Hardware :

Roland A-80 keyboard controller
M-Audio MIDISport Uno USB in/out
Steinberg CI1 USB Audio Interface


Sequel LE Version 2.0.3 Build 30

I was able to generate keyboard sounds initially, then lost the sequence of events and button presses I had done to get actual sound. :wink:

Any help with this tech issue would be greatly appreciated.


Anson & Leane