Getting "A Serious Problem" error when loading Dorico, sorry!

Dear Anyone.

Whenever I try to use the free version of Dorico, I get this…

A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your pject under another name and then restart VSTAudioEngine3. exe. If this problem persists, please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description of what you do to create this problem, and the created file C:\Users\ulrichburke\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\CSTAudioEngine33.0.20.234 64bit 2022.1.31 10.17.dmp.

I don’t see how to attach the Crash Dumps file here or I would do!

Dorico WAS, very briefly, working using ASIO4ALL. It’s now not working at all, just giving me that error message. Please, can someone tell me how to get it up and running again? And also, is it possible to use it in conjunction with Realtek High Definition Audio Codec, so I can listen to YouTube instructional videos at the same time?

Yours hopefully


Hi Chris, I can tell from the crash dumps what is going wrong, so please attach here. Simply zip up one or more files and then drag and drop it to the text box where you are writing your reply.

And regarding audio setup, here is a tutorial video that explains everything, also how to get YouTube at the same time.

Chris just joined three hours ago, so he will have to do some more poking around the forum to raise his status in order to attach his file. Perhaps he could PM or e-mail it to you in the meantime.

For Chris’s benefit, I include the forum standards here.

Then he just changed to a new account. The days before he was posting as ulrichburke.

Dear Ulf and Derek.

Got the trial version of the new Dorico since then, thinking that would work better, but it’s even worse. Whenever I try to load it, it tells me I’ve not got a product key even though I’ve left a ‘Contac t Us’ message WITH my product key number in it, proving I do have one. I’ve typed it in the correct box no end of times, restarted the computer, uninstalled/reinstalled Dorico 4 (trial version) and nope. Nothing doing. It won’t believe I’ve got a key no way no how.

As far as crash dumps go - neither of you left me anywhere to send them to and I can’t upload them here because I’ve not posted enough. Please, do you think I can get Dorico working on my computer? Be honest.

If not, can I use Hallion sounds with my lovely 32-bit Quick Score Elite Level 2 which looks a lot like Dorico screenshots - of course I’ve never used the real thing - but I’ve got Jbridge, just never gotten the hang of using it. Been trying to get to use decent sounds for YEARS now but nothing ever seems to work! If you can help me use Jbridge with Halion so it works with Quick Score Elite, I’ll leave you and Dorico alone! I don’t want Dorico so I can print out stuff for others to play. I want it so I can write music. I’m disabled and can’t play anything any more. But I can still read music fluently, and write notation - HATE ‘piano roll’ and loops (and MIDI packs!!)

Nothing’s g eared towards WRITING music any more though, is it. It’s all putting loops and stolen bits of others’ songs on timelines and calling the resultant audio collage your own.

Yours sadly


Hi Chris,
this is what we are here for, namely to help people with Dorico, and I’m absolutely sure that we are also able to help you. It is just that before you made it a little difficult for us to help you. You posted your issue in different threads and under different user names and then suddenly disappeared and now after 4 weeks coming back.

But let’s put all this aside and get you up and running. First, if you have crash dumps, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.
Second, the product key you received for Dorico 4 Trial, did you activate it in the new Steinberg Activation Manager (gets installed together with Dorico 4)? Please open it, make a screenshot and also send me.