Getting a signal but no playback when recording-Please help!


we are having trouble which we need help with as soon as possible as we have a schedule for our E.P. that we want to make and this is making us lag behind!

We are using Cubase LE5 and a Alesis i02 interface in which we have connected out bass guitar directly into.

Everything is playing back completely fine in the monitors including the recording of the previous tracks for this project. Until it comes to recording this latest track.

We appear to be getting a signal from the in our DAW but when we try to record the audio we are getting no sound whatsoever.

It is really frustrating because we can’t figure out the problem this time.

The correct input bus seems to be connected.

Please can some help us as soon as possible,we only need to add the bass today and we have finished the audio for this project.

Thanks in advance! :smiley: