Getting all your vst user presets into Cubase 9

Hey Guys ,

I have just upgraded from 8.5 to Cubase 9.

Took a few days to get my speed up with it but the stability is great.

Getting rid of all the 32 bit plugs is tough but there’s always jbridge etc . My Cubase boots up so fastnow like 5 seconds instead of a minute.

Anyway my question is "I have a load of my own presets for various synths I use like , Sylenth, Gladiator, Serum etc etc

and wondered how to move my own presets from cubase 8.5 to cubase 9 so in cubase 9 Ill have all my old presets for the various vst synths back.

Any help on this would be great and also any ‘paths’ I may need to use to find where they are stored.

Many thanks In advance

Don :slight_smile:

I would look at this post - I had the similar issue: