Getting an activation code for Dorico SE

Hi–I’ve installed Dorico SE, have done the maintenance on the e-Licenser Control Center, have registered my license, but need an activation code. How do I get one?

You don’t need a new code, Sharon: just install Dorico SE on your new computer, and when you run it again, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Steinberg ID (the same credentials you used to sign in to the forum), and the software will be activated for you.

If you’re having problems installing Dorico SE on your new computer, the easiest way is to download and install Steinberg Download Assistant first, then when you run that, you’ll be prompted to sign in and you’ll see Dorico SE listed in the My Product Downloads category on the left. Select that, then on the right, click the Install All button to download and install everything necessary.

And welcome to the forum!

Daniel—Thanks very much—it’s all worked out. I was following a YouTube video that I guess is out of date now.

Yes, sorry, Sharon, the “getting started with Dorico SE” video is indeed out of date now – we need to update that and many other videos, which is a project that we’ve started, but there are hundreds we need to re-do, so it’ll take us a while.

No problem at all. Good luck with the updates!