Getting an insert in elements 7 to receive midi note message

Hi folks, and thanks for your time. Sorry if this is a repost - it seems to have eaten my first attempt.

I want to get a synth sitting in an insert slot in an instrument track (used for FX) to receive the same MIDI note messages (and pitchbend) that the “master” synth - the one that I created the instrument track around - receives.

Basically, I would be doing this setup:

a) a separate “VST instrument” synth (Reaktor) outputs MIDI note messages, and an LFO coming out of the Pitchbend channel.

b) the main synth, the one that I created the instrument track with - receives all its MIDI from the Reaktor synth. I run that synth as a one voice synth, using the LFO to sweep its filter.

c) a second synth sits in an insert slot in the same instrument track. I need this synth to also hear the MIDI coming out of the Reaktor synth, so that it can key its filter to the same note, and use the same LFO to sweep its filter, thus adding a second filter to the audio train. (I want the specific sound of the first synth’s filter, which is very nice, but needs a little more lowpass. I have other synths that can accomplish this without all the hooplah, but I’d like to use THIS particular filter :slight_smile:.

Any ideas? Thank you :slight_smile: Sean


In general, you can send one MIDI signal to multiple outputs via MIDI Sends. These are not available for Instrument tracks, but MIDI tracks only. I’m not 100% sure, if this is available in Cubase Elements.

Once you insert the 2nd Reaktor to the Insert slot, is a new virtual MIDI port created? If yes, you can route the signal to this MIDI port. If not, then there is unfortunately no way, how to route the signal to this Reaktor.

yeah no midi sends in elements.

I did find a way to do it, but only for using Reaktor as the insert. I’ll put it here just in case anyone in the future has a similar question.

  1. Make your master synth instrument track, and put Reaktor in as an insert.
  2. Make a “dummy” VST Instrument. Put any synth in there. Tell it to receive all Midi, and have it send its midi out to Reaktor sitting in the insert slot.
  3. In the Reaktor insert, wire up Reaktor to …
    a) pass received midi notes in to midi notes out
    b) make a master LFO, and pass it out the pitchbend
    c) do whatever other mojo you want, for example, adding another filter to the chain.
  4. Go back to the master synth and tell it to receive midi FROM Reaktor in the insert.

It’s goofy, but it works :slight_smile: