Getting articulation playback correctly

Hey everyone, it’s little old me again with a question about articulations. I’m in the final stages of exporting my midi mock-up from Dorico 5. I’ve been putting up with irregular length playback while orchestrating, however, it’s time to fine tune this badboy and get the best playback possible while using the noteperformer sound library. As of now, many of my legato notes are playing back with separation. I’ve checked settings and have the legatos set to 99%. They are playing about 70%. Similar issues with staccato notes playing the wrong length. Those would be playing back tenudo. Just to note, I’ve even indicated those with Spiccatto with dots. Going back to the legato patches, if I put a dash over those notes, or slurs, I get a bit longer note. Fwiw. I personally don’t feel it should be necessary to add so many articulations above each note to get the desired effect. One indication of Legato above the bar should be sufficient. This seems to be an issue with Dorico, not so much with the competing software,“thee who shall not be named”. :wink:

A cutdown of the score would help - else this might be a bit of a fishing expedition. Apologies for that. There is what Dorico does, but also the expression map you are using and NotePerformer has its own interpretation logic. Start by checking that you are using the right map first?

NotePerformer’s default setting is 105% for legato. Was there any reason for you to change it?

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My understanding is with NP you have to have at least 100% for legato, or more. There are other topics about this on the forum I seem to recall. Worth doing a search. The drop to 99% from 105% may be a non linear perceptual/timing thing, but I am not sure. In other words, it may be more than you think, perceptually.

The other possibility is that if you recorded the music using real-time recording (or imported it via MIDI), you have the performed note onsets and durations taking effect, in which case try using Play > Reset Playback Overrides to return all the durations back to their notated defaults.

Yes Gregory, I believe my mapping is sound. I also noticed that NP just launched a new version today!! 4.2. Looks like they addressed many issues. I’ll give that a whirl later today and get back to everyone.



This is worth trying. I’ve got the Piano roll open and have selected a region to reset, however I don’t see anything that says Reset Play Overrides. lol …

It’s the top menu: Play>Reset Playback Overrides