Getting Artist Mix Bank/Nudge Buttons to scroll Mix Console view?

Just getting back to Cubase after 8 years on another DAW, it’s come a long ways since Ver 4.

Wondering if it is possible to get the Bank/Nudge buttons on my Artist Mix (Eucon protocol enabled) to scroll the Mix Console view. I see the highlighted white lines at the bottom of the on screen faders scroll when I use the Bank or Nudge buttons, but the Mix Console itself does not scroll with them, they just move off screen.
Not a big deal as I can just hit the Assign/Sel button and it snaps the Mix Console view to where I banked to, but thought I’d ask.


Any chance this is a setting I am just missing?

I recently upgraded to Cubase 11, had hoped the new enhancements to Eucon integration might have included the ability to use the Bank/Nudge buttons on my Artist Mix to scroll the Mix Console, but doesn’t appear to.
Could be I”m just missing something in the configuration? Anyone know?