Getting CD track Markers made in Marker tab appear in CD Tab

How do I do this? Briefly: In the Audio Montage section of WL7 I went to the Markers tab, laid down some CD Splice markers (red the double-carat variety). Went to the CD tab and… none of my markers appear! I didn’t add marks in the wizard of the CD Tab, because I’m placing them in the middle of a region, not at boundaries. I have a Montage with CD splice markers for 5 tracks that appear properly in the gui and Marker window, but they are invisible to the CD window.

I need to add CD text, titles etc, but there seems to be no way to do this in the CD tab of the montage if you added markers in the Marker tab. This is really a bizarre workflow - objects seem to exist independent of one another. Why? How is this normal - no other app behaves this way? And what about cutting a DDP or burning a CD with these marks? How does that work? When I click the ugly little “burn CD” icon, it says “Audio Montage does not contain CD Tracks”! WTF?!? I can SEE the tracks. I placed them there!

When I go to the Help System and enter “CD Splice Markers” the info it returns is worthless, unrelated to my question. That’s the problem with all online help systems: they’re context free, and not holistic. There’s no overview. No way to grok the paradigm and workflow. Worse: it doesn’t seem to have a “back” button, so it’s entirely unaware of where you’ve been (yes, I see previous/next - they’re almost always ghosted! useless!). I find myself re-searching to get back to a previous page.

The sad part: I’m 99% sure there’s a simple, logical way to do what I want. There’s just no way for a newbie user to find it. This really highlights the on-going nightmare of no documentation. If I had proper docs maybe I could figure this out on my own. But I don’t, nor does anyone. I’m getting to love the program, but honestly the song and dance of figuring things out without a manual is a total buzz-kill. Honestly I can’t use the product in sessions because it’s embarrassing not to know what’s what, and have no way of finding out without coming here and wasting people’s time.

Yamaha/Steinberg: You really need to get your act together. The lack of documentation is inexcusable a year after launch, especially considering the WL6 manual is so damn-close already! PG busts his balls to help people out to save you a few pennies, but you can’t be bothered to document the workflow and provide what every other manufacturer seems to deliver (a simple pdf maybe)? Yamaha should really be ashamed of themselves - great software + non-existent documentation = janky non-professional bs. Waste of everyone’s time. You can’t seriously expect new users to buy a product with no manual. Experienced WL6 users are having the same problems. Yamaha should be humiliated, but they seem to be totally fine with the status quo, and even defend this flaw publicly. No one on earth who you don’t pay seriously agrees that this is ok, but you stick to your guns? You’re making a brilliant programmer look bad, and killing an otherwise cool app through neglect. That’s sad. If you spent as much time updating the old manual as you’ve wasted defending the lack of one you’d be done by already.


When you use CD splice markers, there must be additionally:

  • one CD track marker to define the start of the first CD track
  • one CD end marker to define the end of the last CD track.



Do a search in WaveLab Help

search on “CD”

from the text on CD

Adding tracks
To create an audio CD in WaveLab you must at least have a CD start and end marker pair. You can generate these automatically from audio Clips in the montage using the CD Wizard or by adding track markers manually. For more information on creating a CD or DVD-A see Authoring CDs and DVDs.

regards S-EH

Thanks guys but… I read that help file, and already did that:

Start ID at front of the session, End ID at back, splices in between. But in the CD window… nada.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

PS: I got the work out by bouncing the whole montage, and marking in CD window using splices. Ugly, time consuming pita, but since the client wasn’t present, I bit the bullet. Had this happened in an attended session I’d have been pretty humiliated (and lost at least 25 minutes of billable time I couldn’t charge for - it’s my ignorance or the tool’s weakness, not the customers fault or problem - in soundBlade it’s not possible for PQ marks to appear only in CD/DDP window, and not be visible on EDL).

I don’t know how you get that “picture”. Must be a WaveLab bug. But this part is so much used and tested, I’m surprised.

Well, I guess that’s good news (can’t fix what’s not reported). Over here I’ve not found a way to NOT get that picture! :wink:

I can easily explain why I’ve never seen/reported it before though: I mostly use the wizard or manually mark at segment-splits from the CD tab. I’ve only used the marker pane to select different kinds of marks I need/want, not CD track marks.

In this case, I drag/dropped the markers from the marker window into specific places, not on boundaries of segments. I actually thought of the start/end issue AFTER reading help (but before reporting here), so those were the very last markers I added before commencing to rip out handfuls of hair. I think that’s your recipe to reproduce, and it’s probably a mac-only bug.

In some respects, this shows the power of an optimized workflow, if you take the time to tweak the workspace - I never needed to go to Markers before this, and can get most things done in your wizard. As noted, I got the job out and can avoid this in the future until it’s fixed.

Thank you Philippe!

Simples - when you have added all your markers into the WAV file, turn the WAV file into a Montage & create CD from there instead. Very fast & simple, plus you can easily add CD Text etc.

I have seen this happen when you do not have a Start marker. I can’t see whether neilwilkes has a start track marker or a splice marker as the first marker. If it’s a splice marker, his problem is entirely reproducible - change it to a start marker and his CD window will be populated. If not, then can’t help.