Getting Cubase 4.5 to use a sound card

I can’t get Cubase 4.5 to find my audio hardware, namely, the Delta1010LT internal sound card. I would think there’d be something in Preferences for this, but apparently not.

Can’t find anything specific to sound cards in either the Getting Started or Operations manuals.

I can only get 2 active audio outputs in VST Connections. The other 4 of a 5.1 setup are greyed out. Does anyone out there have experience with the Delta card and getting it to work with Cubase for surround sound? I use a Macintosh G4 desktop computer.

First, have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the 1010lt ?
Second have you selected the Delta Driver in Cubase Device setup ?

As said already here. It is in the getting started manual -> setting up your system… :unamused:

I’m sure you’re right, but I only found the solution by looking for ASIO in the Operation manual thanks to “Split”

Thanks everyone! Case closed