Getting Cubase to send current VST plugins settings…?


Is it possible to do the following with Cubase somehow? I have Cubase Pro 11 version and I heard that version 12 has new scripting function. Would it be possible to do the following with Cubase 12 or some third party software:

I would like to do motorized potentiometers for Waves SSL channel strip plugin with Arduino. Would it somehow be possible do a script that when I press a button from Arduino, Cubase would send the current positions of every potentiometer and button that Waves plugin has on screen in Cubase? I would like to use motorized potentiometers to update current positions when I change the channel so that the motorized buttons would always be in right position.

Thank you!
, Pete.


Yes, this would be possible by using MIDI Remote. You even don’t have to press any button, the values can be updated live.

I don’t know any hardware with a motorized encoder. If you have a look at any hardware, the endless encoder is in use and you can see the value on the display or there are LEDs ring around. This is much easier and much cheaper.

You can download Cubase 13 Trial and ou can try it by yourself.

Thanks for the Answer, Martin!

I have not seen motorized potentiometer in any controller either, but I think it would be so cool when potentiometers/encoders would be motorized and actually move to right positions!

Yes, I have to try out the new version of the Cubase.

It already works this way, the software sends the values when changing channel.

Lemur, or touchosc (software for touchscreens), and the MCU (Mackie control) have worked like this for decades. Motorized faders, used on many DAW controllers, also work this way. I have never heard of, or seen motorized potentiometers, fast enough to be used this way.

The “encoders”, seen on many controllers, work in a different way: they do not display any value or position (opposite to a moving fader).
Instead, they just decrease or increase a value. The led ring around the knob then tries to display the actual value.

The motorized fader handling in the new MIDI Remote is still problematic as documented in this forum quite a few times.

However (in addition the Mackie protocols), the Generic Remote (already available before Cubase 12) is capable of sending plugin settings via MIDI CC messages to external MIDI devices - if the plugin has the required VST automation implemented.

Martin, I have now upgraded to Cubase 13! Please, could you explain briefly how can I do this with MIDI remote? I know the basics of the MIDI remote, but can’t figure out how it sends plugins settings via midi…I would like to do a SELECT track-button and when I press it it would upgrade the current plugin settings via midi data.



You can assign any plug-in parameter ID to the MIDI Message. And you can also send an exact value with the MIDI Message.