Getting DCOM error

I was running good with 8 pro… until today now I’m getting the following
elicenser control error

DCOM connection to program ‘synsopos.exe’ failed
Error: Unspecified Error

I’m dead in the water

Hi xmascss,

you should try running the Maintenance tasks in the eLicenser Control Center. If that doesn’t work, you could try reinstalling it (or updating it actually):

Oh! Make sure you unplug and re-plug the USB-eLicenser to your computer first.


I am also having the same problem. Fresh install of windows 10, cubase 8.0.30 and latest version of the elicencer control center. I launched the maintenance tasks … nothing stopped the regular (especially when I close a project, when I edit a sample or when I quit Cubase) DCOM synsopos.exe errors

Any clue would be really appreciated as this is really now making the whole stuff barely usable

Thanks for your suggestions


so just in case this may help. I have now a much more stable configuration and haven’t seen a single DCOM synsopos.exe since 3 days.

Not sure what exactly fixed this but the most noticeable change I made is some tweaks I did to my windows 10 installation to move back profile home to C:\Users after having brought itto another disk for a while. This led to some partial reinit of my profile that triggered warning from LCC (sorry I do not remember but it looked like the sort of popup we get after first install)

So, for those experiencing such DCOM errors, one option could be to test whether creating a new windows user and trying cubase when logged as this new user will help. This indeeds clear a number of things especially in the %AppData% folder than will be fresh of data from previous installs that may cause problems.

My two cents