Getting Dorico 4 up and running on a second computer

I am excited to have a new M1 Mac mini arriving in the next few days and want to be prepared to install Dorico 4 Pro and get it operational on the new machine. I am presently using D4 on my 2013 MacBookPro and would like to keep it on that machine. I have google-searched for related info but haven’t found anything with respect to Dorico 4 and the new licensing system. So, with respect to the new computer, I understand that I will need to:

  1. Download the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)
  2. Use SDA to download Dorico 4 Pro, including the sound files
  3. Download the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM)
  4. Use SAM to activate Dorico 4 Pro

Please advise if I misunderstand the process or have left out necessary steps.


I believe the SDA will automatically install the latest SAM when you run it.

The procedure you describe is correct, Mike. Just install SDA, which will install the necessary shared components like SAM and eLicenser Control Center (sadly still required for some license checks for things that have not yet transitioned to Steinberg Licensing), then go to My product downloads on the left-hand side in SDA, choose Dorico Pro 4, click Install All on the right-hand side, then have a cup of coffee while you wait. Once all the progress bars turn green, run Dorico 4, sign in when prompted, and you’re done.

Thanks Daniel and Craig. I will review both your responses when the time comes and feel happy to know the “recipe” so I can hopefully avoid difficulties.