getting double key signature display

New user. Could someone please take a look at the attached file. I’m attempting to create a scale worksheet for my granddaughter who is just starting Bb trumpet. I enter one scale, then enter a new key sig at the start of the next bar, then enter the notes. As you see, as I progress to each consecutive scale, I get a key sig at the end of one system and another at the beginning of the next system. How can I remove the end of system signature?

Please suggest if there is a better approach to creating such a worksheet.

Kind regards

You could use a separate flow for each pair of scales (i.e. one flow for each system). If you do this, you’ll probably want to hide flow headings.

Or, input a coda at the start of each system, hide it (using the Properties panel at the bottom of the window), and set the coda indent to 0 (which you can do in Engraving Options, assuming you have Dorico Pro).

(You might find more comprehensive discussions around this in other forum threads if you search for “hide cautionary key signature”.)

(Edit again: you might also get some useful tips from this video - - the appearance of Dorico has changed a bit since then, and some of the functionality of how to get to working with frames in Engrave mode especially, but the underlying function is the same. You don’t need to draw in text frames for flow titles manually any more though - that’s what flow headings are for now!)

Make each scale into its own flow. We all equate ‘flow==movement’ when new, but it’s not, a flow is whatever you want. I was doing a Rule of the Octave worksheet in all the keys (similar thing - scale but with figured bass and other goodies, from the 17th century). Kept fighting the cautionary key sigs until I realized that I was stuck in my thinking. Anyhow tried putting each one into their own flows, all 32 of them, and the world didn’t end.

Yeah do that, turn off flow headings and change the indent of the first flow to zero in layout settings. You can also decrease the distance between staves and add page breaks to get things to fit nicely on one page - but I guess for trumpet it’ll all fit anyhow.

Making each scale a separate flow would force a new system after each scale. Since the OP wants two scales per system, Lillie’s first solution is better if the OP wants to use flows rather than the coda route.

Thanks one and all. Very helpful. I’ll start exploring all of your suggestions. Kind regards.

Lillie, your ‘input a coda’ routine worked very nicely on my issue. From other responses, I guess I need to investigate the multiple flows method on such projects. I did watch the link video you embedded on creating worksheets. Thank you.

Glad it worked for you! It’s actually something I picked up from other users here on this forum :slight_smile:

It would be nice, if there could be some special features for Studies and Worksheet creation.
It would like to have an option to duplicate a flow and transpose it in one go and/or to have a dialog in which I can define, how often a flow gets duplicated and in which transpositions (either concrete keys or “always a half step” e.g.). And if there where tokens for the key of a study, they would transpose automatically as well.
Just dreaming …