Getting empty .wav files when bouncing audio

Whenever I bounce an audio region in C7 (and in 6.5 as well) I get empty .wav files with the same name as the actual audio file. For example, the file “Bonus.wav” will have a file right next to it in the audio folder called “Bonus_01.wav”. This file doesn’t have an info (it’s size is 0 kb) and deleting it doesn’t do anything to the actual “Bonus” audio file as it’s still able to play and be imported to other programs. Is there a way to stop Cubase from creating these extra empty files? Thanks for your time.

I don’t think so. Don’t worry about it.

Cubase is preparing a file for the next time you hit record.

I’m afraid I do have to worry about it, because these empty files create a lot of clutter in my audio folders, and I’d rather not spend time going through and deleting useless placeholders. Do other DAWs do this? I don’t remember seeing this is Logic.

But you don’t have to delete them, they are automatically deleted when Cubase no longer needs them, as in when you delete the audio track, quit the program, close the file.

Lawrence Payne is correct about not worrying about these files.

I see, so I have to quit Cubase and reopen to get rid of those files. Will do, thanks.

You could also simply close the file you are working on, that takes even less time.