Getting Error Message on Dorico Startup

I have updated to the latest version of Dorico and I’ve launched it before with no issues. Now everytime I start the program it gives me this message…

I saw that message when I recently updated to the latest version of Dorico, but only once, and it seemed to clear itself up once I reloaded the SDA (Downloading Assistant) to grab the update.

Have you tried quitting Dorico, running the Steinberg Download Assistant, and reinstalling the Dorico application installer?

It’s running fine now after i closed it and went to SDA to check for any updates but didn’t see any updates. As i assume is what happened also with @Derrek but i saw this message after launching it 3 times. Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

To retrace what i had going on in the back before launching Dorico though (For the developers to note), I had NPPE running in the background before launching Dorico. And to be more specific it was loading my instruments.

@NicolasJC , if you have a close look at your screenshot in your first posting, in the left bottom corner it says it is missing some preset files. That is the reason for the alert window you got. Since you ran the installer again, it now also installed those preset files and everything is fine now.
Should you get new or other alerts, that is for different reasons then. In that case please come back here to the forum.

I didn’t run any installer. I just opened the Steinberg Download Assistant. I don’t know if that automatically downloaded something.