Getting error when trying to export file..

Hi all…Newbie here …with cubase 7 artist when I try to export my file for mixdown I get this box “No More Encodings” it does place an mp3 on my desktop but theres nothing in the mp3.
really getting frustrated with this software error after error after error…any help please?

This is due to Artist mp3 export requiring purchase. (You had the trial)

huh? i don’t get it?
I can’t mixdown songs i’ve done? really?
so I puchase the software but can’t actually use it fully?
How do I puchase it?
thanks for your help

You can mix down to wav, but not mp3.

Thank you SteveinChicago…much appreciated i will try it.
thanks again :slight_smile:

lol…Now when i export it in a wav i only get the last 49 seconds of the song lmao…

I got it…:slight_smile: I had a section in blue and that was what it was mixing down.
Again…thanks SteveinChicago…go blackhawks