Getting fp dynamic to sound on playback

Absolutely terrific that Dorico 5 has a list of improvements to the PLAY module.

Dorico is not bad at interpreting standard dynamics and in any event editing them is fairly trivial. But fp is not catered for despite its appearance in many classical scores.

Any ideas on how to create the effect without time consuming and complex operations like layering a short loud note on a longer quiet one?

Ideally, putting the fp dynamic in the score would automatically create the effect.

Hi. This is not really the behavior I’ve noted. As you can see here with a vI line in velocity and CC11 (everything automatic), the three last 16th notes are p while the first is f…

I suppose you’d have preferred a descending slope in CC11? (I admit I thought it was what it did…)

Thanks for the response. That’s interesting - good to know that it works that way with separate notes. But I was referring to a fp on a long note - say a minim. eg: As in the opening to Beethoven’s 1st symphony:

This dynamic change is set by dorico , it’s not hugh but it is there.

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I bet that if you set the dynamics to play between -3 and 3 (instead of -6;6) the difference will be noticeable enough :pray:

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Hi Nukkul,

I saw that - but it has no audible effect that I can make out.

But thank you both for the tips because that pointed me in the right direction - solution. It wasn’t clear to me exactly what the Dynamics lane actually controlled - which cc? velocity?

So the solution I found is to create a new cc7 lane which actually has an effect on the output volume rather than the velocity. This is what you need on a long note with a sample. At least it works for me.

AFAIK it’s not advisable to mess withh CC7.
You see what CC is to be used by looking carefully at the expression map used for the instrument that plays those dynamics. If it’s a strings quartet instrument, it’s usually CC1 and CC11, percussive one is Velocity but there are many exceptions…
You will find the expression maps in Play mode, Play menu (or is it Library now?) -not sure about it because I always use a keycommand…

Thanks. Will look into that.

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