Getting Frustrated with Cubase and the X-Touch compact

There I said it! The last DAW I used was Cakewalk 9 pro back in about 1997 so I would have hoped that things would be better now. Having been in the pro-audio business as a console and rack equipment designer, I thought I’d get back into it after a long hiatus. I have to say I did not expect setting up a midi controller to be this frustrating!

I can easily create a midi controller script for the Behringer X-touch Compact using the tool provided. But do you think I can get it to track fader moved back on the motorised faders? I’ve done this procedure on £250,000 large format consoles and never had this kind of problem. So if you are a member of the A team, let me know what I’m doing wrong before this software and a Behringer meet its maker through the nearest window. and yes I know this topic has appeared before but they apparently couldn’t get it to work either.